Badi Assad - The Best of Badi

Badi Assad - The Best of Badi
Badi Assad - The Best of Badi
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Product Description

"...the best thing to happen to Brazilian music in years..." - Jazziz "...arresting, invigorating and entrancing." - Guitar Player Magazine One of the most exciting and innovative guitar players performing today is Brazil's Badi Assad - a virtuoso whose technical ability never overshadows the visceral impact of her playing. Best of Badi is a must-have collection of 17 essential tracks that represent the finest audio recordings by this fearlessly creative artist.

Track Listing

  1. Sem Titulo
  2. Num Pagode Em Planaltina
  3. Bate-Coxa
  4. Tamoimoe
  5. Escadao
  6. A Bela E A Fera
  7. Emotiva No.1
  8. Bachianinha No.1
  9. Rhythms
  10. Fuoco (Libra Sonatine)
  11. Valseana
  12. Pulo Do Gato
  13. O Choro De Juliana
  14. Batucada (Nos E O Rios)
  15. When The Fire Burns Low
  16. A Primeira Vista
  17. Carta A L' Exili