Babatunde Olatunji - Love Drum Talk

Babatunde Olatunji - Love Drum Talk
Babatunde Olatunji - Love Drum Talk
Item# SACD275

Product Description

In 1997, Chesky Records released love drum talk on CD which received a 1998 Grammy nomination for "Best World Music Album." Now it is remastered and available for the first time as a hybrid multi-channel SACD.

The sound of the drum has never been sweeter!

Part of Olatunji's Drums Of Passion cycle that explores integral facets of the human experience, this recording features Olatunji's words sung in his native tongue, Yoruba. Olatunji's drums - his ashiko, the big curvaceous mother drum; the smaller, cylindrical djembe, and his talking drum - transmit the message as eloquently as the lyrics.

"Rhythm is the soul of life. The whole universe revolves in rhythm. Everything and every human action revolves in rhythm." - Babatunde Olatunji

Track Listings

  1. sare tete wa
  2. what's your number, mama?
  3. love drum talk
  4. Bebi Alolo
  5. spell monisola
  6. don't know why my love
  7. mother, give me love
  8. long distance lover