Bizet/Tchaikovsky - Symphony in C/Francesca Da Rimini

Bizet/Tchaikovsky - Symphony in C/Francesca Da Rimini
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The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Charles Munch, conductor Georges Bizet: Symphony in C The Symphony in C is so accomplished a work, it is difficult to realize that Bizet composed it in a period of one month just after his seventeenth birthday. This youth of seventeen did have musical credentials-he came from a musical family, at the age of nine he was one of the youngest pupils at the Paris Conservatory, he was a brilliant pianist and he could play the piano from a full orchestra score. The symphony in C major is one of the greatest of all orchestral works by so young a composer and is indeed a minor masterpiece. Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Francesca Da Rimini Francesca Da Rimini received a very successful premiere in Moscow on March 9, 1877, with Nikolay Rubenstein conducting. It is very dramatic, intense work which is divided into three sections. The first section depicts the gates of Hell and the winds of the second Circle of Hell; the second section marked andante cantabile represents the love of Francesca and Paolo; and the conclusion is the turmoil of Hell. Overall, Tchaikovsky had a very high opinion of this work. He not only conducted it, but frequently played it as a piano duet. He was probably correct in his own evaluation that, if given a proper performance, this work could not fail to make a deep impression on the audience. This item is not currently available for online orders. If you would like to purchase this product, please call our toll free order line at 1-800-331-1437.

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1. Bizet: Symphony in C
2. Tchaikovsky: Francesca Da Ramini