Christy Baron- Take This Journey

Christy Baron- Take This Journey
Christy Baron- Take This Journey
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Product Description

A truly talented vocalist, Christy Baron brings us her third release entitled Take This Journey, again revealing an intriguing repertoire of modern classics delivered through her evocative voice. But it's not only the sound of her voice that captivates the audience her ability to maintain the delicate balance between the musical and poetic ideas of both the composer and lyricist creates the kind of mood that prepares the listener for a simply wonderful journey. Take This Journey is a story, a reflection of life that captures the wonderful reality of the genuine interactions we share with the people around us. Christy's rendition of the Turtles' classic "Happy Together" sets the tone of the record with her sultry yet optimistic recording that is nothing less than convincing. The album features songs from Carole King including "Stand Behind Me" and "First Day in August," and an incisive version of "Bitter With The Sweet." Christy's clear vocalizations are apparent when she explains the sad fact that "A House Is Not a Home" and sets the limits in Sondheim's Sweeney Todd classic "Not While I'm Around." The darker side of life is apparent through Sinatra's classic "Old Devil Moon" and Cleo Lane's "The Lies of Handsome Men." But don't lose hope just yet a captivating rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed" showcases Baron's optimism in mankind. Christy Baron communicates the pleasure and the pain of our existence in Take This Journey, appealing to the intellectual listener with her sweet, knowing recognition of life's wonder.

Track Listings

  1. Happy Together
  2. Gentle Journey
  3. Not While I'm Around
  4. I'm All Smiles
  5. A House is Not a Home
  6. Bitter With The Sweet
  7. That Old Devil Moon
  8. The Lies of Handsome Men
  9. You Are There/Why Did I Choose You?
  10. The Way He Captured Me
  11. Overjoyed
  12. Stand Behind Me
  13. First Day in August