Earl Wild - The Piano Music of Nikolai Medtner

Earl Wild - The Piano Music of Nikolai Medtner
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Product Description

In 1912, Rachmaninoff wrote that Medtner was the most talented of all modern composers, and some early 20th century pianists devoted themselves entirely to the performance of his works. Yet Medtner's piano music, which has been compared favorably to Chopin and Liszt, is little known and unjustifiably neglected. Perhaps due to his heart condition, when recording his works late in his life, Medtner did not always perform that at the level of technical excellence which they deserved or required. In this recording, Earl Wild's exceptional performance at last does justice to the works of this too-long neglected and underrated composer.

Track Listing

  1. Second Improvisation Op. 47 (in the form of variations)
  2. Sonate-Idylle Op.56
  3. Vergessene Weisen Op. 39