Monty Alexander - Caribbean Circle

Monty Alexander - Caribbean Circle
Item# JD080

Product Description

"A good while ago I said to myself, Self, one day I want to record some sounds that would be a reminder of some of my nicest experiences as a likkle boy growing up in Jamaica sometime ago, way back then, when before use to be. I have come to realize that some of the nicest things that can happen to a person take place during childhood, Likkle boy or Likkle girl days". -Monty Alexander

Track Listings

1. Tradewinds Talk
2. Hurricane Come and Gone
3. Caribbean Circle
4. Consider
5. Cowboys Talk
6. Cowboy Ska Medley
7. Three Little Birds
8. Oh Why?
9. Satchmo Talk
10. When The Saints Go Marching In
11. Mango Walk
12. Sweet Georgia Brown