Peggy Lee - Moments Like This

Peggy Lee - Moments Like This
Peggy Lee - Moments Like This
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The singing of American Vernacular music (a better term perhaps than popular music, since so many of the pop" songs of the time are now perceived as classic art) had a strong Irish cast, as in the work of Morton Downey, Kenny Baker, and others, or the belting vaudevillian tradition of Jolson. Then came the naturalists, particularly Frank Sinatra, of whom it has been said he was to American singing what Montgomery Clift was to American acting. And among the women, of his equivalent was and still is the incredibly masterful Peggy Lee.

Track Listings

  1. I Don't Know Enough About You
  2. I'm In Love Again
  3. Why Don't You Do Right
  4. Remind Me
  5. Moments Like This
  6. Our Love Is Here To Stay
  7. Don't Ever Leave Me
  8. Manana
  9. The Folks Who Live On The Hill
  10. S'Wonderful
  11. Amazing
  12. Do I Love You?
  13. You're My Thrill
  14. Always True In My Fashion
  15. Then Was Then