Rosa Passos & Ron Carter - Entre Amigos

Rosa Passos & Ron Carter - Entre Amigos
Rosa Passos & Ron Carter - Entre Amigos
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" enchanting example of artistry beyond category." Los Angeles Times -- 7/20/03

"Maybe the year's best bossa nova album...The pairing of vocalist Passos and legendary bassist Carter (plus a backing band) is heavenly." The Boston Globe -- 9/5/03

"...sure to stand out as one of the year's best." -- 8/13/2003

"Rosa Passos, a guitarist and singer from Brazil, is one of the best current practitioners of bossa nova..." The New York Times, 7/15/03

There is something so alluring about Brazilian music: a suggestion of the tropical, the mysterious, and the sensual. And there is the Portuguese language, where a simple turn of phrase, a halting silence, the cool articulation of a vowel sound can summon forth feelings that require no translation. Singer Rosa Passos, bassist Ron Carter and their fellow collaborators have recreated Brazilian music in their own image. Given the splendid recording quality of this recording, you have a front row seat right by Ron Carter's big, woody acoustic bass violin, as he uses his singing sound, big percussive beat and canny harmonic sensibility to compliment the come-hither bossa artistry of the imitable Rosa Passos. Rosa Passos is a Brazilian sensation on the rise. Her talents are gaining her notice around the world and she is ready to capture devoted fans in the U.S. Music critic Chip Stern says Rosa is "...a vital force both in the development of Brazilian music, and for a re-dedication to its fundamental principles. With her fragile, breathy instrument, and walking on eggshells delivery, Rosa Passos is an utterly captivating vocalist."

"...warm, very intimate sound..." Ken Dryden,

"Not many Americans have heard of Rosa Passos. This recording will change that." Philadelphia Weekly -- 8/27/03

"If you've never heard of Rosa Passos then this disc will allow you to never forget her. Ditto Ron Carter, the bassist who exemplifies what a jazz bassist is all about." The Stereo Times -- 7/15/03

From JazzTimes, November 2003: "Entre Amigos is a quietly seductive album. It is deep in the genre of post-Jobim-Gilberto modern Brazilian music. Rosa Passos sings in Portuguese with the particular diaphanous delicacy found in no other musical culture. The breezy, floating rhythms of percussionist Paulo Braga and guitarist Lula Galvao are like a soundtrack to erotic dreams of sex without risk or exertion. But Entre Amigos also goes beyond its genre, because Passos' airy voice also contains strength and precision and exceptional range of expression. The full experience of this music may be denied to someone who does not understand Portuguese, but Passos' ability to convey emotional nuance transcends linguistic barriers. Most of the songs are by Jobim, and it is revelatory to hear Passos' personal encounters with the most familiar ones, like "Insensatez" and "Desafinado." Another reason that this is a very special Brazilian album is the profound, embedded presence of Ron Carter. Right at the center of this graceful, melodic music is the big beat of his bass, and it changes everything. Carter is in tune with Passos' particular cultural concept of time, but he also pulls her his way, toward a more aggressive drive. The synergies create a groove that throbs like life." - JazzTimes Copyright 2003 JazzTimes, Inc. Reprinted with permission. All rights reserved.

Track Listings

  1. Bahia Com H
  2. Insensatez
  3. Desafinado
  4. Sorriu Para Mim
  5. A Primeira Vez
  6. Garota de Ipanema
  7. Por Causa de Voce
  8. Caminhos Cruzados
  9. Feitio de Oracao
  10. Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
  11. O Grande Amor