Stravinsky - Petrouchka/Le Sacre Du Printemps

Stravinsky - Petrouchka/Le Sacre Du Printemps
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Igor Stravinsky Petrouchka Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Oscar Danon, conductor Burlesque Scenes in four tableaux Tableau I: The Shrove-tide Fair Beginning - Debut The Crowds - Les Foules The Charlatan's Booth - La Baraque du Charlatan Russian Dance - Danse Russe Tableau II: Petrouchka's Room - Chez Petrouchka Tableau III: The Moor's Room - Chez la Maure Beginning - Debut Dance of the Ballerina - Danse de la Ballerine Waltz (Ballerina and Moor) - Valse (La Ballerine et la Maure) Tableau IV: The Shrove-tide Fair (near Evening) Beginning - Debut Dance of the Nursemaids - Danse des Nounous Dance of the Peasant and the Bear - Danse du Paysan et de L'ours Dance of the Gypsy Girls - Danse des Tziganes Dance of the Coachmen and Grooms - Danse des Cochers et des Palefreniers The Masqueraders - Les Deguises The Conclusion (Petrouchka's Death) - Fin (La Mort de Petrouchka) Le Sacre Du Printemps London Festival Orchestra Rene Leibowitz, conductor Part I: The Adoration of the Earth - L'adoration de la Terre Introduction Dances of the Young Girls - Danses des Adolescentes Mock Abduction - Jeu du Rapt Spring Round Dances - Rondes Printanieres Games of the Rival Tribes - Jeuz des Cites Rivales Procession of the Wise Elder - Cortege du Sage Adoration of the Earth (The Wise Elder) - L'Adoration de la Terre (Le Sage) Dance of the Earth - Danse de la Terre Part II: The Sacrifice - Le Sacrifice Introduction Mystical Circles of the Young Girls - Cercles Mysrerieux des Adolescentes Glorification of the Chosen Victim - Glorification de L'elue Summoning of the Ancients - Evocation des Ancetres Ritual of the Ancients - Action Rituelle des Ancetres Sactificial Dance (The Chosen Victim) - Danse Sacrale (L'elue) This item is not currently available for online orders. If you would like to purchase this product, please call our toll free order line at 1-800-331-1437.

Track Listings

1. Petrouchka
2. Le Sacre Du Printemps