Bucky Pizzarelli - Swing Live

Swing Live (Multi-Channel Surround)
Swing Live (Multi-Channel Surround)
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Product Description

Stereophile's "RECORDING OF THE MONTH - March 2002" "...Pizzarelli's quintet, with instrumentation similar to that of Goodman's small ensembles, plays the Swing Era style with expertise, authenticity, and passion...for listeners who have previously lived in a two-channel world, it is new. It is the difference between perceiving the event from an external vantage point and being there. And once you've been there, it's hard to go back." - Stereophile "The big thing you'll notice about this disc is the level of realism...you will enjoy what I truly believe to be the most realistic recreation of an acoustic performance I have yet heard on a commercial release...It's astonishing...My advice would be to put on this disc at night, turn off the lights...and listen...Suddenly, you're in Makor, a New York jazz club, listening to Bucky and the band playing before a live audience in February 2001. What you'll hear when you arrive is a spirited performance by some very accomplished jazz musicians...Everyone is impressive on this recording...a 'must-have'...it's the best DVD-A or surround SACD I have heard to date." - Audio Revolution Join Bucky Pizzarelli, Bernard Purdie (drums), Peter Appleyard (vibes), Allen Vache (clarinet) and Michael Moore (bass) in a Manhattan Jazz club for a swinging concert without ever leaving your living room! Within the comforts of your own home, Swing Live will place you in the best seating position in the venue, and with the accompanying crowd interactions and sonic realism of this recording, you will be transported into the intimate setting of the Jazz performance. Sit back and enjoy the energy and enthusiasm Bucky and his quintet exude as they perform directly to you! "...so clean and natural that it easy to forget that I was listening to recorded music. From the high clarinet notes to the bass drum's rhythmic thump to the audience's shuffling, each sound was distinct and equally well crafted." - Home Theater Magazine "Here's another special treat for jazz aficionados...You are right there in this remarkable recording that includes jazz club ambiance and audience. A superb example of live jazz recording at its most effective 'you are there' presence." - ClassicalCDReview.com

Track Listing

  1. Lester Leaps In
  2. Sweet Sue
  3. Dinah
  4. Perdido
  5. If I Had You
  6. Too Marvelous For Words
  7. Lime House Blues