The Conga Kings - Jazz Descargas

The Conga Kings - Jazz Descargas
The Conga Kings - Jazz Descargas
Item# JD217

Product Description

The Conga Kings are back with their second Chesky Records release to prove that these master congueros have more rhythmic tales to tell. Featuring Candido Camero, Carlos "Patato" Valdes and Giovanni Hidalgo, Jazz Descargas is a spontaneous celebration of modern rhythm and melody, a joyous colloquium of Jazz and Afro-Cuban sounds by the likes of Machito, Dizzy Gillespie and Tito Puente. Historically, musically and conceptually, this rhythmic dream team is creating the genuine article. The Conga Kings are the originals giving energized performances from the musical revolution they helped to create. The Conga Kings are joined on Jazz Descargas by special guests: Phil Woods, Mario Rivera, Chocolate and Jimmy Bosch.

Track Listings

  1. Un Poco Loco
  2. Tin Tin Deo
  3. Caravan
  4. Tumbao De Tamborito
  5. A Night in Tunisia
  6. Oye Como Va
  7. Manteca
  8. Conga Descarga
  9. The Peanut Vendor
  10. Chocolate Descarga