The Conga Kings

The Conga Kings - The Conga Kings
The Conga Kings - The Conga Kings
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Product Description

Chesky Records proudly presents three of the world's greatest conga players -- Candido Camero, Carlos "Patato" Valdes and Gionvanni Hidalgo -- in The Conga Kings, a breathtaking Latin Jazz summit. Renowned for their distinctive styles and blending of Afro-Cuban and Jazz rhythms, the three legendary congueros showcase their uncanny sense of groove on songs like "Tumbando Ca¤a" and the traditional "Av¡sale A Mi Contrario." Bongos, bass, tres, flute and vocals accompany the congueros, each of whom performs on multiple drums. Patato and Candido helped to create the multiple-conga style of playing in the 1940's and 1950's. This technique has enhanced recordings by the likes of Billy Taylor, Stan Kenton, Dizzy Gillespie and Tito Puente and can be heard throughout The Conga Kings. Chesky Records has captured the live energy and legendary talent of this rhythmic "dream team" in 96 kHz/24 bit stereo. Arranged by noted musical director Ray Santos, The Conga Kings is an infectious blend of traditional Latin rhythms and melodies that will inspire your own musical "social club."

Track Listings

  1. Tumbando Caña
  2. Elube Chango
  3. Guaganco Pa' Las Tumbadoras
  4. Nagüe
  5. Avísale A Mi Contrario
  6. Tuna Se Quemó
  7. Descarga De Los Reyes
  8. Duet I: Temporal
  9. Duet II
  10. Duet III
  11. Conga Kings Grand Finale