The Coryells

The Coryells - The Coryells
The Coryells - The Coryells
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Mix jazz guitar pioneer Larry Coryell with his talented sons, Julian and Murali, and what do you get? A smoking blend of acoustic jazz and blues that will turn heads and ears. On The Coryells, their first-ever recording together, Larry's seminal approach to jazz guitar meshes naturally with Murali's blues guitar/vocals and Julian's lyrical jazz guitar riffs. Featuring a special blend of new songs, stellar jams and standout covers, The Coryells showcases both the complex interplay of their guitars and their unique familial ability to groove. Larry's "Sentenza Del Cuore" drips with delicate, flamenco-styled accents. Julian's lyrical "Sink or Swim" reveals a composer who is mature beyond his years. And Murali's searing vocals on "Love and Happiness" and the classic "Goodbye Porkpie Hat" will have your soul crying out for mercy. After one listen, it will be quite clear that playing guitar was a way of life in the Coryell household. Larry Coryell formed The Eleventh House, one of fusion's most influential groups, in the 1970's and has unleashed his guitar sorcery with everyone from Dizzy Gillespie and Charles Mingus to Randy Brecker and Chico Hamilton. Following in their father's steps, Julian and Murali both have rising musical careers. In 1999, Julian's major label debut on Mojo Records and Murali's CZYZ Records debut were released to critical acclaim. The Coryells was recorded in 96-kHz/24-bit stereo using minimalist miking techniques and is destined to become a milestone in the careers of all three artists.

Track Listings

  1. "Sentenza Del Cuore" - Allegro
  3. "Sentenza Del Cuore" - Adagio
  4. Goodbye Porkpie Hat
  5. Sink Or Swim
  6. Zimbabwe
  7. Low-Lee-Tah
  8. Love And Happiness
  9. Something Pretty
  10. Trouble No More
  11. Funky Waltz
  12. Transparence
  13. Somebody's Got To Win, Somebody's Got To Lose
  14. Song For Emily