The John Basile Quartet - The Desmond Project

The John Basile Quartet - The Desmond Project
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In the early 1960s, when jazz was becoming angrier and more dissonant, Paul Desmond teamed with Jim Hall for a series of albums that helped calm things down. They took mostly standards and turned them into cozy dialogues for sax and guitar, with the bass and brushes commenting discreetly. Desmond's cool, feathery alto placed every note with care; likewise, much of Hall's eloquence came in what he chose to leave out. This was midnight jazz, meant for that time when the rest of the world has gone to sleep and even the smallest sounds can be heard. Guitarist John Basile heard these albums years after they were made, and they forever changed his conception of jazz. "Compared to most guys, Jim and Paul used a lot fewer notes to get the same emotional and musical ideas across," he says. "That's so hard to do, but to me it's the ultimate in maturity. When I hear them play, I'm never aware of technique, only the music. I think that what they did should be acknowledged." Hence this disc, the first recorded tribute to Desmond and his collaborations with Hall and, in the '70s, guitarist Ed Bickert. With his love of melody, shimmering tone, and spare, graceful touch, John falls into the same lyrical tradition.

Track Listings

  1. Desmond Blue
  2. Line For Lyons
  3. You Go To My Head
  4. Darn That Dream
  5. For All We Know
  6. East of the Sun
  7. My Funny Valentine
  8. Wendy
  9. Alone Together
  10. Warm Valley
  11. In Your Own Sweet Way
  12. Take Five