Various Artists - Night Songs

Various Artists - Night Songs
Item# JD270

Product Description

Alone there is something intriguing about the night, but coupled with the right music it can become captivating. That is the concept behind Night Songs, a new compilation from Chesky Records. This album combines these two separate entities into one collection of groovy and cool mid-tempo music and features selections performed by our female vocalists. With the splendid quality of this recording one can enjoy all the subtleties of the night, even if played in the middle of the day. Artists on this album: Rosa Passos and Ron Carter Christy Baron Rebecca Pidgeon Dave's True Story Carla Lother Badi Assad Sara K. Peggy Lee

Track Listings

  1. Desafinado
  2. Happy Together
  3. 24 Hours Of Love
  4. Until I Met You
  5. Walk On The Wild Side
  6. Tell Me I'm Not Dreamin'
  7. Blue Bossa
  8. After the Rain
  9. This Must Be Love
  10. Bahia Com H
  11. Misery
  12. Always True In My Fashion
  13. Simply Put