Various Artists - Ultimate Demonstration Disc

Various Artists - Ultimate Demonstration Disc
Item# UD095

Product Description

Chesky Records is dedicated to producing the finest audiophile recordings, and High Resolution Technology brings the listener closer to the music in three significant areas. To maintain the utmost in transparency we use a custom recording chain, through innovative technology and recording techniques, we continue to produce recordings that further the state of the art. Listen and learn!

Track Listings

1. Welcome To The Ultimate Demonstration Disc
2. High Resolution-Introduction
3. Spanish Harlem
4. Depth-Introduction
5. If I Could Sing Your Blues
6. Atmosphere-Introduction
7. Maiden Voyage
8. Midrange Purity-Introduction
9. Grandma's Hands
10. Naturalness-Introduction
11. Correnteza
12. Transparency-Introduction
13. Played Twice
14. Presence-Introduction
15. Ask Me Now
16. Visceral Impact-Introduction
17. Sweet Georgia Brown
18. Rhythm & Pace-Introduction
19. I Love Paris
20. Focus-Introduction
21. Flute Concerto in D
22. Holographic Imaging-Introduction
23. Festival Te Deum
24. Transients-Introduction
25. The Royal March
26. Bass Resonance-Introduction
27. Best Of Chesky Jazz and More Audiophile Tests, Volume 2
28. Dynamic Test-Introduction
29. Best Of Chesky Jazz and More Audiophile Tests, Volume 2
30. Final Announcement