Xiomara Laugart - La Voz

Xiomara Laugart - La Voz
Xiomara Laugart - La Voz
Item# SACD349

Product Description

We are not in the presence of a common, manufactured phenomenon. Xiomara Laugart has a peculiar mastery to reveal, not only her vocal virtues and flexibility, but a special sound, fluently "liquid" and garrulous. Her range is such that the jazz influences seem to be a natural extension of her repertoire. She takes on each style of music and embraces it with her own stamp and authentic flare. La Voz is her second release for Chesky Records.

Track Listings

  1. La Tarde
  2. Manisero
  3. Besame Mucho
  4. Anorado Encuentro
  5. Delirio
  6. Son De La Loma
  7. Tradicion
  8. Como Fue
  9. Escandalo
  10. La Mentira
  11. Longina
  12. Tradicion 2