Aaron Weinstein

What if you were presented the same album recorded three different ways -- different microphone techniques, and different microphones? The performers and performances remain the same, but, the means used to capture their performances change. Do you feel like you'd know going in what you like best? 3x3 gives you the opportunity to explore this very concept. Recorded in a single day in a Brooklyn church, this intimate band of three Jazz musicians perform an album of beloved instrumental standards captured three different ways. Which version is ultimately superior will be a uniquely individual answer, and a uniquely satisfying listening experience for all.

Aaron Weinstein, a rising star in the New York Jazz community, makes his Chesky Records debut on 3x3, an album of instrumental Jazz standards that not only experiments with modern recording methodologies, but with the boundaries of Jazz expression.

Featuring Aaron Weinstein (violin), Matt Munisteri (Guitar), Tom Hubbard (Bass), 3x3 is the perfect illustration of the beauty of simplicity. No unncessary production; no extemporaenous distractions. You're left with stunning musicianship, breathtaking acoustics, and evocative and memorable music.