Carla Lother

Singer, pianist and songwriter Carla Lother has visited many diverse areas of the music industry. A native of Canada, Carla was a serious award- winning pianist. Growing up, she often traveled to compete in music competitions and spent summers studying at prestigious festivals such as The Banff School of Fine Arts.

Carla hitchhiked to New York City and enrolled in graduate school earning a Masters Degree in Piano Performance from The Mannes College of Music. Upon graduating, Carla took an administrative position at Mannes and by the age of twenty-five, was running the Continuing Education Division. She started a successful jazz program at the school, but found herself missing out on playing music and developing artistically. Five years later, she wrote her first song.

Since signing with Chesky Records, Carla has participated in a myriad of musical projects. She can be heard as a pianist on a recording of contemporary music for CRI Records. She arranged for and performed on a Christmas CD for Museum Music, and sang on a Bang-on-a Can release. She can be heard on numerous jingles - Dove Soap, Maxwell House, Ikea, Kitchen Aid, KitKat and MasterCard, among others.

Her Chesky releases include 1999’s Ephemera and 2004’s 100 Lovers.