David Chesky

Three time Grammy nominee David Chesky has earned indisputable respect for his unique, eclectic musical compositions spanning both the jazz and classical idioms in addition to his prominence in the audiophile community for the development of new recording technologies and his role as co-owner of Chesky Records. He is the composer of over fifty works including concertos, chamber music, vocal and choral music, symphonic music, ballet, operas, and works for solo piano. David also appears on several jazz releases including The Body Acoustic, Jazz In The New Harmonic, and Club De Sol. David Chesky, along with his brother Norman, owns and operates his own classical and jazz audiophile record company in New York, the Grammy Award-winning Chesky Records. David acts as producer on all Chesky releases. He is also CEO and co-founder of HDTracks, a high resolution digital music store.

In addition, David is at the forefront of technical research on recording methods, creating new, advanced recording techniques in order to make the finest musical recordings currently available. His latest composition, Rap Symphony is now available on Chesky Records and is performed by the Orchestra of the 21st century along with rappers Mike Two and Leber. Drawing inspiration and influences from a variety of musical, artistic, and emotional sources around the world, David Chesky encompasses and recasts it all with a skill and veracity that touches every listener fortunate enough to hear his music.

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