Orquesta Nova

Orquesta Nova was a dream in the eyes of Juliet Haffner and Carlos Franzetti three years ago when they first worked together and recorded a tape for string quartet of one of Carlos' pieces, "Serenata." David Chesky of Chesky Records was having the same dream, which was to record the music of Latin America with a classical chamber ensemble. It all came together with the release of their first CD, which has met with great critical acclaim.

Carlos Franzetti, born in Argentina, is a well known composer who has written everything from concert pieces to film scores. He has had works played by such groups as the New American Orchestra in Los Angeles, the Buffalo Philharmonic and Musical Elements. Besides his considerable skills as a composer and arranger, his career as a pianist has brought him together with Paquito D'Rivera and as the soloist on his own album, Galaxy Dust, accompanied by a large orchestra.

Juliet Haffner, co-leader of Orquesta Nova, was serenaded as a child with both Latin American and Rumanian Gypsy music, courtesy of her musical parents. Juliet, following in her mother's footsteps, began playing the guitar at an early age, followed soon by the violin, but she majored in viola at Juilliard.
The artists who make up Orquestra Nova are an extraordinary group of versatile musicians, including: violinists Guillermo Figueroa and Robert Chausow, cellist Erik Friedlander, bassist David Finck, flautist Gary Schocker, and saxophone/ clarinet player Lawrence Feldman.