Revisions: The Songs of Stevie Wonder (Jen Chapin) [WAV DOWNLOAD]

Revisions: The Songs of Stevie Wonder (Jen Chapin) [WAV DOWNLOAD]

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This is a tribute album with a difference. Vocalist Jen Chapin, daughter of Harry, has decided to take on the Stevie Wonder songbook with the minimalist accompaniment of bass and saxophone alone, played by Stephan Crump and Chris Cheek respectively, and closely recorded in audiophile sound for the Super Audio format (also playable on regular CD players) Actually, apart from a generous selection from INNERVISIONS, most of the other tunes aren't even the Motown icon's most well-known. But this suits Chapin's purposes just fine; it makes ReVISIONS even more of personal project, close to an all-original jazz set, similar in feeling and sound to Sheila Jordan's duos with the solo bassist Harvey Swartz.Saxophonist Chris Cheek, who also plays with trumpeter Dave Douglas, provides another lead voice on tenor, baritone, and soprano, weaving and dancing around Chapin's keen interpretations, many of which, like "You Haven't Done Nothing," "Higher Ground," and "Big Brother," have a just as much political resonance in the '00s as they did when they were written.

Recorded November 19 & 20, 2008 at St. Peter's Episcopal Church in New York, NY

Jen Chapin - Vocals
Stephan Crump - Bass
Chris Cheek - Saxophones (tenor, baritone, soprano)

Produced by David Chesky
Recorded, edited, and mastered by Nicholas Prout
Second engineer was Rick Eckerle 

Recorded with a Soundfield Mark 5 microphone and vacuum tube preamps, Tube Tech custom made Crystal Cable built by George Kaye.

This album was made with the purest audio path, using the very best microphones, mic preamps, analog-to-digital converters, recorders, and cables with careful attention to detail to produce the most transparent and natural sound available today.